not knowing
that he is a father
will be a misuser
or the one,
who neglects

who, having a kingdom,
not knowing,
that he is king,
being a beggar

we are all thrown
into the world
bearing the burden
of generations
renewing every moment
the choice
in between
pain and joy

he sits beside me
and like
passing by
tells me some
you sit down
in front of me
just passing
a light smile
and i explore
my tender thoughts
wondering why

jakarta - indonesia - mark baker - ap 14-07-28

jakarta-indonesia-mark-baker-ap-14-07-28 – sueddeutsche

little catastrophy
lies a core
of deep healing

pengzhou - sichuan - china - reuters

pengzhou – sichuan – china – reuters – sueddeutsche

we transform
into life

maputo - mosambik - gianluigi guercia - afp - sueddeutsche - 14-10-14

maputo – mosambik – gianluigi guercia – afp – sueddeutsche – 14-10-14

two words lost

with kayaks
and all
the kids.
with sun,
wetness, cold,
hunger, tears,
hide and seek,
jokes and laughter
good by
sister, nephews and niece

soomaa - estnia - ints kalnins

soomaa – estnia – ints kalnins – sueddeutsche

even if you say
you never
would ride bike
with me again
but we always
can laugh

even the pouring rain wouldn´t disturb us

skies above12

evening skies – tagesspiegel


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