will be complete
which is crooked
will be even
which is old
will be new
who has little
will get
who has much
will be taken of

as so the nominated
he encompasses the one
and is a paragon to the world
he doesn´t want to shine himself
that´s why he will be illuminated
he doesn´t want to be anything himself
that´s why he will be magnificent
he doesn´t glorify himself
that´s why he is doing works
he doesn´t show off himself
that´s why he is highlighted
because who doesn´t dispute
with him no one in the world can combat
what the elder said: “which is half, shall be complete”,
marry isn´t lost word
each true plenitude here is enclosed

Michael Grab

artiste: michael grab – spiegel online – 14-09-08

the vessel
isn´t empty

Michael Grab

artiste: michael grab – spiegel-online.de 14-09-08

don´t need
to forgive
it shines
on everyone
regardless of
right or wrong

Michael Grab

artiste: michael grab – spiegel-online – 14-09-08

sense is overflowing
it may be at right side and at left
all things are owing it their being
and them it is not refusing itself
is the work done
so it does not call it his possession
it clothes and nourishes all things
and is not playing their master
as far as it eternally is not desiring
you can call it tiny
without knowing it as master
you can call it big

thus the nominated
never he appears large
therefore he bringeth a great work

Michael Grab

artiste: michael grab, spiegel-online, 14-09-08

children seem
to get older 11 years
in 3 years

Michael Grab

artiste/installation: michael grab – spiegel-online 14-09-08

and taught me
to open up

taipeh - taiwan - pichi chuang - reuters 14-09-12

Taipeh / Taiwan / Pichi Chuang / Reuters 14-09-12


you sent me letters
for a long time
one week beside you
i read for you
your childrens actions
you wonder about it
but i am feeling it
you ask: would you marry me?
could i promise it?

Michael Grab

Artiste/Sculptures: Michael Grab, spiegel online 14-09-08

with your choir
and your son and your daughter
you kissed me
and took me with you
me, enjoying every second
like eternity

guangzhou - china - reuters

is making the music
and producing
the wrinkle in between words
and all is arranging
like raindrops
in a rainbow
so i continue
to listen to

Michael Grab

is like water
waters kindliness is
to serve all beings without dispute
it dwells at places, which all humans despise
thats why it´s placed near the MEANING
as for dwelling kindliness evident in place
as for thinking kindliness evident in depth
as for giving kindliness evident in love
as for speaking kindliness evident in truth
as for excercising kindliness evident in trim
as for weaving kindliness evident in ability
as for moving kindliness evident in right time
who is not selfasserting
remains very fact free from blame


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