clarity and simplicity

touches our heart


sometimes we meet persons

who relate us to a complexe of past being

it depends on this complexe of feelings

and on the quality of past relationship

and our presence now

if faith is reigning on both sides

energy is colour

eyes are energy telling

what we tell is on one side the reflection of our practicing

of our deeds and our experience

on the other side, there are lines leading into theories

and all we say is woven to it

for example the net of religious metapher or stories

i thank you for your attention


sometimes the past is the presence

no-one knows why

Sometimes glorifying words name attributes, which some of us can call their own.

In the best sense, these attributes are not only results of will or strain.

When we try to reed their inner sense, their inner moving moment, than we call it believe or faith. The direction of the believe starts from the self, heads to others and turns back to the self.

So some move forward and on and on and get deeper in believe and results of the outer.

Others spare an inner sense, which allows to feel able, to feel allowed to receive or to feel entitled to enjoy. The believe in these qualities seems to be cut of from the start. No matter what effort is done to heal and help others. This self seems to be guilty, or to be apart, it couldn´t be eased of the weight of it´s nameless guilt. Not even the knowing of others and direct contact to others, who have been able to throw of their own inner chains could easily help to understand to ease the burden, even if for some of these beings it is easy to show others the way out of their inner labyrinth. It seems to depend on the complexity of the given riddle.

Sometimes art shows us examples of this personal task bound to a whole formation of civilization, f. e. the writings of Franz Kafka.


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