several dreams

since the beginning

of the silencing


today i feel dizzy

and very tired

not striving

just being

day one back down on earth

back in reality

back to my private lesson

back to exercises

back to my work

so we meet and gave us our own rule

which has been given to us by the more experienced

some call it heaven others truth and others call it nothing

we thought every thought is bound to its


every will to its contrary

then we had a chief

who was the inheritent and who would be the guard of the rule

isn’t it quite a human thing?

i think, i just should do my work

like the ernest cook, who tried not to look beautiful



sorry, silencing has begun

and is ending sunday

and here is not much access

to the internet

well, who am i?

i don’t know

but it’s right

i’m not litterally sittin at the doc of the bay

concret i’m visiting my mother

she lives at the bay

today we strolled and stranded in a bookshop

i bought a book of a french author and a drawer: the little Nick

i sat in an armchair in the shop, read it and laughed about the perspective of the little boy

the next days i will meet some others for silencing together


soon i will be the ancestor of some others

but now i’m just sittin at the doc of the bay

everday i receave a couple of advices

from all of my friends

this is beautiful and an attempt of love and understanding

but it does not hit the center

my friends think,

i live enclosed in my flat avoiding any contact to living species

and hidden behind a sinister face

seldom speaking a word

rarely trying to grin as try of expressing joint attention

truth is, i am not easy to convince

nor easy to enthuse

and when i finally am, i panic

dhaka - bangladesh - andrew biraj

today eye took the train

and crossed the land

following an invitation

for a gathering to meditate

but isn’t riding this train itself meditation?