i lost my head yesterday

excuse me, that i gushed my time


how to lead a holistic life

in torn communities

quest guaranteed


an app shows me my ability

to hear rightly the intervals of tones

my nose, my eye, my ear for voices

show me the intervals of thy feelings

in bliss or in pain

the letting go

or the clinging on




those with a depressive structure

aren´t able to do get the energy to

conduct their aggression against others

instead of against themselves

That´s right

and you haven´t

In Aikido Power is positive energy

which flows with awareness

and keeps form and integrity

of both: the assailant and the offender

in society power often is used destructively

and thought like determining the destiny of many

but effective power is to surrender

as he has been a scientist and a writer for political speeches

he has been near to the center of power

and the staff and personas of policies

the moment, they wanted to build an institute near the capital for him,

he thought about resigning

preparing it for a while for his wife and his daughter financially

at the midst of his 40

he tore himself out

living a life of a poor one

fighting for the rights of the poor

visiting the homeless, trying to help them helping themselves

the time of bombing the ancient capital of the orient, Baghdad

he went there to share the threat, wish of awakening the attention of the world

it didn´t work as intended

found some streetchildren, praying for help for them

when retiring, he decided for celibacy

loosing his wife and faith of his daughter

saying, if you want to get a higher state

you have to renounce for what is the most important for you

he as one practicing saint-ship – are you powerful enough to bear the state of luck? – taught me to read Sufism

and made me laugh each walk through the park

he said to me: you are a spiritual illiterate


down on the bottom of my depression,

i don´t know

where i am or where i go

some say i have to lose my self

but how to, when i even don´t have one

my neighbour, a saint, says: pray, to loose your self

my teacher says: take your space, move from the center

all i do is

being present in others

they all seem to feel

to been seen, to be felt on a level underneath

me floating in nothing

thank you for letting me feel, hear, see, what others don´t !

please,  help me, help them to go way back to love and faith !